PDF and iBook about the Factory of Death

Facts and media of a disturbing era.


The Zweidler Map

a unique historical document: The city map by Petrus Zweidler from 1602 A.D. digitally restored by Ralph Kloos.


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With SENDOWL you even have to pay exclusively with PAYPAL.
APPLE customers pay with their APPLE ID.

APPLE-iBOOK: what's so special about it compared to a normal ebook?

Anyone who has ever had a KINDLE-READER or similar device in their hand knows what an ebook can do. In contrast, iBooks from APPLE are hardly known in this country and their true strength lies definitely in the numerous multimedia widgets. So the iBook can play movies and sounds as well as interactive galleries and presentations. No ebook can do that. In this respect, the APPLE iBooks are predestined for non-fiction books and extensive documentation.

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This means the possibility to download the content of an ebook / iBook to your taste. As an example: One year after an iBook publication, a new, additional chapter is to be implemented. This is possible with both products and the paying customer is automatically informed for the update - the automatic download of the new version is then of course free of charge.

Can I send the Ebook / iBook further?

APPLE iBooks are DRM copy protected and cannot be stolen. Of course you can copy and distribute the ebooks illegally. May the thieves catch the lightning shitting.

Is it possible to give away the Ebook / iBook?

With an APPLE gift card you can give the iBook away worldwide for a fee.
Even in German or English.

What's going on with the long announced witch museum?

Well - there are things in this world that I can't change or speed up in Bamberg or Fuerteventura. Let's put it this way: we are positively of the opinion that we will be able to realize this in Bamberg in the foreseeable future ... and if we get our soup salted there again, then we go 100 meters after the city limits into a building in Hallstadt ... With the strange power relations, the city of Bamberg is apparently not safe from any embarrassments :(

Why had one still 10 years ago no knowledge of the dimensions of the Bamberger witch burnings?

Good question - but wrong contact person, because there are a lot of people in Bamberg who earn their money by taking care of certain social topics and education ...

Why do you deal with the witch theme for years when you live on Fuerteventura?

Even in elementary school history was my favourite subject. So I was all the more stunned in 1998 when I read this article in the mirror here at the airport, which thus also became my "awakening experience" with regard to Bamberg witchcraft.

Is this Ebook / iBook also suitable for teaching?

I want to see the school class that isn't impressed when the teacher pulls his iPhone out of his pocket, then connects Apple-Tv with a click to the protector and then PRESENTS the iBook ALL GREAT - the mobile phone is then the interactive remote control so to speak. Great cinema - that's how the lessons of the future will be, as Steve Jobs has already said in 2011, because the production program for these iBooks is called iBooksAuthor and was the last software the congenial APPLE founder left us.

Ebook versus iBook - Where are the significant differences between the two versions?

The content of the iBook is, of course, far ahead in terms of multimedia capabilities, but the detailed history of the worst witch burns in Europe can definitely also be seen in the eBook version.

Can I download the iBook on multiple devices?

Of course - once purchased with the APPLE ID, the iBook automatically runs on all APPLE devices that are registered under this ID

I have a family account with APPLE: can I redistribute the iBook within the family?

Of course: Up to five other family members can then download the iBook from the APPLE server - for example, you can plan and experience a particularly exciting Bamberg witch holiday. In which other cities is there such a unique opportunity?

Is this two-way plan of 1602 really so uniquely interesting?

In fact, until recently, I thought there were probably a lot of cities with such detailed maps. But the truth is that a few really competent specialists have enlightened me: The aforementioned plan by Petrus Zweifler is therefore a very rare example of its genus, because there are only a few plans that can play in this league in Europe. For example, the historical plans of Stuttgart and Paris come into question.

Petrus Zweidler was therefore a real genius and as a historical source this plan is used even today by several city offices, the monument protection and the UNESCO daily.

Perhaps you also live in one of the old buildings that can still be seen on the plan from 1602.

Is it possible to buy a printed copy of this plan from 1602? And if so ... in which variations, prices and materials?

There is something planned because there are obviously some interested parties - but first we have to obtain the conditions and determine the materials. But it will happen.

Why doesn't this book exist in printed form?

Boah - with over 400 pages of hardcover and full colour, such a book would cost a lot of money.

That's why from the very beginning we have been counting on the trump card "New Media - New Products" and have produced a dynamic book. There will be further updates of this iBook in the future. The maximum size that APPLE allows for these MultiTouch iBooks is 4 GigaByte.

And as an additional argument: No tree was felled for HEXENBRENNER and no chemical ink was used. iBooks are therefore 100 % GREEN